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Pentax AF-540FGZ P-TTL Wireless Flash


  • Type : Clip-on-type auto-zoom P-TTL auto flash with active spotbeam projector
  • Flash control : TTL-series-control auto flash; manual flash
  • Flash modes : P-TTL (TTL corrective auto flash, contrast-control auto flash); TTL (TTL auto flash); A (programmed auto flash); M (manual flash); SB (spotbeam emission only)
  • Discharge angles : 31 degrees to 78 degrees horizontally (98 degrees with wide-angle panel); 23 degrees to 60 degrees vertically (85 degrees with wide-angle panel)
  • Bounce flash : Variable-angle type; vertical click-stop settings
  • Focal-length coverage : Zoom type, covering angles of view for 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 85mm lenses (in 35mm format). 20mm angle of view covered with wide-angle panel
  • Guide number : 54 maximum (at ISO100/m). Manual setting at 7 levels
  • Flash range (in P-TTL, TTL and A modes) : (1) Film speed coupling range
  • Flash interval and battery life : Approximate 6-second interval, approximately 200 full-level discharges (with alkaline batteries); approximate 6-second interval, approximately 350 full-level discharges (with lithium batteries); approximate 6-second interval, approximately 250 full-level discharges (with Ni-MH batteries)
  • Consecutive discharge : More than 50 discharges (at 1/16-level setting and 2 frames-per-second speed, with alkaline batteries)
  • Color temperature balance : Daylight
  • Wireless modes : MASTER (discharge level control and main discharge by optical control); CONTROL (discharge level control by optical control); SLAVE (contrast-control discharge by optical control, or slave discharge at main discharge)
  • Synchronization modes : Leading-shutter-curtain sync; trailing-shutter-curtain sync; contrast-control sync; high-speed sync
  • External LCD indication : Format; Flash mode; Zoom; Channel; ISO speed; Discharge level compensation; Spotbeam; F number; Discharge level; Wireless mode; Bounce flash warning; Sync mode; Discharge distance; Out-of-coupling-range warning. LED illumination available.
  • Format indication : Coupled with digital, 35mm, 645, 67 formats. Zoom display function available.
  • Other functions : Auto power-off (user cancellation possible); test discharge; modeling light; spotbeam projector; red-eye reduction; wide-angle panel (covering 20mm angle of view in 35mm format); catch-light panel
  • Power source : 4 AA-size alkaline batteries; 4 AA-size lithium batteries; 4 AA-size Ni-MH batteries; TR Power Pack II
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) : 142 x 76 x 107 millimeters (5.6 x 3 x 4.2 inches)
  • Weight : 380 grams (13.4 ounces) without batteries